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Need a VA? YOU GOT ONE! ;)

2013-02-24 14:26:27 by foxylee13

If you ever need a pretty good female voice actor with a mic quality so clear that it makes the heavens sing, I'll be here for you!

I was recently trained by Richard Horvitz (the voice of Invader Zim) and Tony Oliver at Bang Zoom Studios in Burbank.

Don't be shy! Go look at my Youtube channel!

*I prefer not to do sex noises


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2013-05-19 04:16:09

I would hire you anytime but lets just say i cant open a food can without a text telling me how to if you know where i trying to say.
But if you need jobs make sure you look on this link
i am sure you already knew about that.
And also if someone ask for a second voice actor i cant say i would refuse voice acting is quite fun.
Anyway good luck !